Monday, 9 January 2012

Still not a Pom at Blackdog too

Finally managed a good look around on Saturday, enough to jetison me to just under mid-table mediocrity. Highlights were a juvvie Arctic Skua, presumably the same as was around in December and the same also that FPS had off Girdle Ness. (By the way, a grudging well done from a City fan to Scholsey for coming out of retirement and scoring on Saturday - but be sure not to let the rekindled career in the Premiership affect the patch birding).

A small group of Siskin was unexpected (mostly an autumn passage bird) whilst a Peregrine terrorising gulls and waders was the first proper no-quite-annual building block of the year.

So 41 species (=32.54%) by the end of Saturday and then spent Sunday not seeing a Lesser Scaup.


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