Thursday, 10 January 2019

New Year brings New (and returning) contenders

Yes indeedy, laydeeez and germelmen - out from the distant annals of time, still wearing its spangly cape and with a Hi-Tec trainer dangling from each er, camera, please welcome back the re-booted T2006....

T2006, yesteryear
It may look shit, but this particular device won the Golden Mallard (worth £50 on ebay) in 2009 and has also challenged for Old Snowy before now, with a fine Desert Wheatear in 2008 (which was, quite frankly, waaaay better than the crappy buff-bellied pipit that did win that year). Its been fully re-wired and made field-ready, and is fully functional, ready to go, or your money back!

Also, new to the competition, but with patch scores for the last two years as validated and vouched for by the Proclaimers, please welcome TinTin to the competition....

Tintin, yesterday
Yes, he's that good that he doesn't even need bins - or maybe thats just because his patch is crap? lets find out.....

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