Monday, 14 January 2019

The second week of 2019 goes well for the T-2006. Nothing unexpected but nice to get potential tricky species such as whooper swan and woodcock in the bag. A host of other species sees the wheels of steel roll up to 65 species and 51.18%.

The T-2006 shall now return to mission control satisfied. Yes, it's as happy as fish, and gorgeous as geese, and wonderfully clean in the morning.  


  1. That should of course be Whopper Swan - please use the correct IOC nomenclature innit

    1. You can tell it has been out of the game a while.
      PS Schwan is the preferred spelling I believe

  2. Yes indeedy I stand corrected - wasn't sure if that was going too far but pedantry should always be taken to the max. Whopper Schwan it is.

  3. You can call it what the feck you want. T-2006 will have Cygnus cygnus flash up on its internal display when it sees one, along with its full genetic sequence I bet.