Sunday, 13 July 2014


I seem to have spent the last 2 months anywhere but the patch. You name it, I've probably been there, but such is the life of a internationally renowned radio game show panellist. Anyhow, in a number of short spells in the country I've secured a Common Tern whilst watching a cricket match, a Hobby whilst working from home, a Reed Warbler on a family bike ride, and an outright filthy twitch of a Sedge Warbler just because I felt like it.

I am still debating whether I have enough to write a credible description of a Hoopoe, seen incredibly briefly at the same cricket match as the Tern. If I do, I'll slap it on, although that would partially defeat the whole object of this year, which is obviously to bring my average down as far as possible. Ahem.

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