Wednesday 31 December 2014

And the 2014 winner is....

Hearty congratulations to Senor Basil Faulty of West Cork for winning the prestigious Golden Mallard trophy for 2014!! Although offpatch and overseas between August and November, none of the rest of us clowns could get it together enough to actually see any birds on our respective patches, and so we are left muttering about it being a crap autumn while he waltzes off with the main prize (worth a whopping 50 rag on ebay don't forget!)

Fortunately our roving reporter was there yesterday to record the moment when Mr Faulty heard the news of his big win...

An ecstatic Kenny Rogers yesterday!!
Final Scores for 2014
As I can never remember what everyone gets each year (purely for verification purposes), here are the full final scores for 2014:

Basil Faulty aka Kenny Rogers: 100.79%
Statto: 96.57%
Shaking Stevens: 95.03%
Reg Hollis: 91.48%
Roy Castle: 91.43%
Sepp Blatter: 90.28%
Derek Nimmo: 88.95%
Bushveld: 86.92%
The Proclaimers: 74.47%

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