Thursday 7 May 2015

Keep 'em coming...

Eyes to the skies for the latest additions. First up, a pair of Asian pied hornbills flew over yesterday. Not sure where they came from or where they are going. Not a migrant, and big enough that they are hard to overlook so where they have been hiding since the start of the year s a mystery. And second, a small raptor displaying over the small patch of remnant forest proved to be a crested goshawk. Not a species that was on my radar but time is beginning to show just how low my expectations were for this site.

Moves me on to 92.22%, which is nice.

In other news, an off patch wander to the former cemetery of Bidadari produced not one but two (count 'em) Jambu fruit doves. Lifer! A pair if you will. Or at least a male and a female sitting within ten feet of each other. Although I don't think the species has been recorded breeding in Singapore (yet). But f they want to, this pair had better get a move on as one of the best birding sites in Singapore is about to disappear under concrete. Progress...

The dove above is the male - a smart looking bird. And I know you have all been waiting to ask . Why Jambu? What on earth does that mean? Well, as far as I can tell it means 'fruit' in Malay (variations on guava). So this is the Fruit fruit dove. Makes perfect sense, no? 



  1. Looks like you may need to adjust yer target figure there keef! Maybe whack on an additional 30 species or summat eh?

    Make a game of it!

  2. Could add on ten, which would make the maths easier. Mind you, the slow season has really kicked in here...