Monday, 23 January 2017

Dodgy Bustard wins Old Snowy!

Yes indeedy, in the quietest and least controversial votes in years (mainly cos me & Basil forgot about it until it was too late) Shakey's ridiculous & unverified claim of a fly-by Great Bustard "in off" at Samphire Hoe has won the much coveted Old Snowy trophy for the Best Patch Find 2016.

Here are the final results:

the poll result yesterday
Yes indeedy, only nine votes were cast, which is less than the number of birders that even do the poxy patch challenge! Obviously Basil's lack of canvassing is to blame.

Sadly the result means I'll have to patch up and pack up Old Snowy for the long trip to Kent. Any day now I'd say, honest.

Several careless owners! FFS!

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