Tuesday 7 March 2017

About choughing time!

Well, it's been a busy while on the home front. On the bird front... not so much.

Cybil-induced renovations mean we've moved out of the house, so I've been living off patch for the last month or so, only getting out to check it sporadically. Nevertheless I've manage to pick up the odd tick here and there... stellar stuff like stonechat (yes!) and most recently chough (finally... FFS!).

All of which keeps me just about in touch with everyone's favourite bespectacled Scotch pop icons at the top of the leaderboard at a dizzy 70.11%.


We won't be back in the house until early May... which is a massive pain in the proverbial. Who knows what might slip through the net during my enforced springtime absence (cue Seppy pointing out that loads of stuff inevitably slips through the net when I'm present)?

Still, at least it means I get to check out a new area this spring... which is nice. And look what I found waiting for me on a small lake near my temporary coastal gaff....

Now trying to work out a legitimate way to trans-locate the pair of them up to Corran Lake so they become tickable.

1 comment:

  1. " look what I found waiting for me on a small lake" is it? You mean look what you found when you actually looked properly after severe prompting that there could be a ring-necked duck in the flock! Erse!