Friday 5 April 2024

Slow spring

 Yes indeedy, the spring has been that slow so far that even the Golden Mallard has shown no signs of migrating! Oops!

I have gleaned the odd year tick here and there tho, including a few common migs such as chiffchaff, willow warbler and wheatear, which was nice. A tystie down dirk brought a certain Stevie G to mind, while an adult iceland gull in the next door field was seasonally expected. More recently, I just happened to be lookin oot the window at a fortuitous moment to catch a fine shelduck go by, thusly...

A shelduck yesterday

Things finally picked up a bit this am when I stumbled across a load of slightly out of date but still perfectly edible cans of beans and a tasty pasta sause which had obviously all just come in on these freshening southerlies....

Just fresh in, by the looks of it

So there you have it - thats me up to date till the next biggie shows up...

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