Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Just short of 100% this year, despite some go patching. Still, another year begins, and I can only assume my spangly new swaro's will help me. Yes, after 18 years service I have retired my Leicas BAs and got with the hip kids. And what a stunning difference it makes. All I need now is some birds to see, and then the ability to identify them. Then Golden Mallard here I come. After keeping youentertained on one of the TV new year shows, we made it out and about yeterday and this afternoon. Mr Hill stole an early lead over me on my own patch (cheeky freelancer) but he went home after he had sobered up yesterday, and I am now on 29 this year. My averages are on RSPBs server (thanks guys!) so will have to update the scores tomorrow. Happy patching all.

Da Procs

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  1. Can let you know right now that in my experience the clarity of new Swaros just makes you even more certain you don't know what you're looking at..:-(