Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Missed some, scored some...

Although way off the leader board a good years patch birding.  Finishing the year with a total of 160 species and 103.23%.   A much improved performance from 2011 with only 142 species.

However, if only… If only I’d seen everything!  Now that would be something. 

The ones that got away: 
Brent goose (very tricky for the patch),
Wood sandpiper (should be annual)
Long-tailed skua (would have been nice)
Med gull (would have been nicer)
Sab’s gull (bugger)
Glauc gull (not sure how I missed one)
Tree pipit (Scarce but annual)
Yellow wag’ (one a year)
Black redstart (They are annual but I always miss them)
Mistle thrush (Scarce but annual)
Grasshopper warbler (but not to worry)
Icterine warbler (damn missed it)
Lesser whitethroat (how did I miss one)
Spot fly (doh!!!)
Red-breated fly (damn)
Snow bunt (almost as bad as missing a spot fly)

That’s at least 16 species known to have been on patch.  A total of at least 176 species and 113%!!!  That would have done it…

But alas not.

Still there were some good ones along the way:

Bean goose, hobby, Rosefinch, Marsh warbler, Cranes x 2, Pecs x 3, yellow-browed warbler (a few) a couple of little bunts, a hawfinch and of course the PG Tips.  …

Now that’s not bad for a patch in one year!

Bring on 2013

Happy Days



  1. Very much deserved winner of the best find. Nice one.

    1. Thanks, I look forward to getting the owl in due course. The bird of course was a real cracker.