Monday, 12 January 2015

Good start... or false start... only time will tell

Happy new year! Isn't it great when all the gank starts to count again.

On the basis of "attack is the best means of defence", been out and about on patch as much as possible since the turn of the year... and things have been ticking along nicely. Lake is still spectacularly under-delivering on the waterfowl front... but four (count 'em) tufties and a little grebe were good birds to get early on.

Been steadily ticking off the usual suspects, with some, like cormorant, still conspicuous by their absence.

Current state of play, nearly two weeks in, 53 species, or 62.35%. Can't see me maintaining this pace... but at least I won't be gone for four months this year, and I certainly won't be missing the Autumn :-).

Game on!

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