Tuesday 4 May 2021

A real live rarity (almost)

Summer migrants trickling in, most of the usual suspects have arrived though still waiting on garden and sedge warblers and house martins (the last being sadly rare in my patch now). Much excitement today though when on a quick visit to my flooded fields (they had filled up again after yesterdays rain) I spotted a small brown wader type on the muddy margin in amongst the cattle footprints. It appeared to be a ringo but inland and never having been here before it needed a better look. Not having my scope I had to take some very zoomed in photos which revealed it to be a little ringed plover. A decent species anywhere in Scotland but particularly good in West Lothian. While they have bred twice in the last 10 years somewhere in the county those oddly seem to be the only recent records. Certainly a very pleasing find for my patch. Went back with my scope and got some pleasing views, though no better photos.

No ringo goes like a little ringo goes...


  1. Class find chief! And worth an entry for Old Snowy too - would be a full fat tick on my patch!

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