Tuesday 22 June 2021


 That’s 100 species and not percent...  which is a shame really.


After a ridiculously cold, windy and wet May the weather has at last improved a little, but only a little.  Patch birding hasn't been a whole lot of fun but to be fair it has been a solid enough start.  Highlight this spring was a Nordic jackdaw which hung around on patch for about 10 days, but as Seppy scoffs it’s still only a jackdaw.  A Marsh Harrier on 23 April was though a full fat patch tick and does count.  The few other bonus birds to be had include an Iceland gull on 2 May and

a pair of garganey on 12 May both of which were only second records. A gadwall on the 9th is a ‘fifty-fifty’ species.


June is as always a quiet affair.  Typically scoring only one or two patch ticks for the year and so far this June it has been the same, with a ringed plover (quite a good bird here) and a few swifts passing over the last few days.


Totalling up a 100 species by 21 June is though a whole month earlier than last year, so things are looking strong for the rest of the year.  


100 species = 83.33%


Happy days


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