Monday, 20 June 2011

Off the patch :-))

The White-winged Scoter is now officially OFF THE PATCH. It started out visible from the southern annex of the Blackdog patch but has now moved down the coast a few hundred metres and, if it continues at this rate, will be on the cards for T2006 and Roy Castle. As most folks now park at the golf course, maybe peace will once again descend on my birdless little corner of Scotland.

However I did trudge down to pay my respects again at the weekend. A fly-by white-winged gull was called by some as Iceland. I barely got on to it before it disappeared around the bend. Later I re-found it well and truly on the patch and this was it:

However, after remarkably eluding me (or me being blind) up to now, Common Tern landed on the year list, bringing up the ton, at 80.86%. Not many out and out bankers left - the only ones that come to mind are Bonxie, Grey Wag and Redwing.

Oh and the first for Britain did show rather better off the patch (did I mention it is not at Blackdog any longer? - nothing to see here, please move along!) on Sunday evening than during preceding days apparently.



  1. Can anyone pour scorn on the rumour that roy castle found a red-backed shrike whist he hurried his pie-addled carcass to tick the white-winged scoter? Was it on patch or not? Is he really dead? And why is he so obsessed with dancing on plumbing apparatus?

  2. Are any of you northern workshy fopps around tomorrow during the day? I feel an unexplained urge to go and stare at a patch of North Sea coast and look at small black duck with bits of white on them.

  3. did you go then? did ya see it? can you point to it? Is it on the trolley?