Thursday 2 June 2011

St Kilda exile

Heinous crimes against humanity saw the T-2006 exiled to St Kilda for a week.

Kilda itself had been carpet bombed with rares in recent weeks, 2 Purple Herons, a Night Heron (on one of Boreray's stacks), 3 American Wigeons and a Yellow Wag, none of which hung around for the man-machines visit.

However, you can't keep an unfeeling lump of metal down. So it was with something akin to what you humans call 'glee' that the T-2006 turned up a female Surf Scoter (3rd Kilda record) and a female Common Rosefinch (less than 5? records although some are multiple sightings). The latter was initially spotted from the Puff Inn whilst topping up the fuel cells. Unfortunately, the T-2006 also found the scoter dead on the rocks the next day and so it now resides in the NTS freezer awaiting the day when human technology can reanimate her.

Disappointingly, the Snowy Owl had not been seen for a month.

Ah well, back to the patch now. Brain the size of a planet etc. ....


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