Saturday, 18 June 2011

The curse of an on-site mega

Nice as it is to have a first for Britain loitering on the patch, it has the real drawback of revealing what the lazy patchworker has been failing to find. Up to three potential patch ticks were reported this week as well as at least one other patch year tick (Osprey). Actually I am choosing to only believe one of the potential patch-ticks; a Quail flished from the edge of the golf course. One of the others, Black Scoter, was reported as a possible (and whilst it is odds on to occur at some time there are some really rather yellow-billed Commons out there). The third species, Black-throated Diver, is a mythical creature in this area and chooses only to reveal itself to those with sufficiently open minds and well-developed imaginations.

Swift last Monday moved the year list to 99 species (80.05%) but I have once again neglected Blackdog since by doing a few days in Sutherland and enjoying a pine marten fest in the process (thee sightings - two singles and two together). Back now and really should get out there in the rain and continue the flogging.



  1. Has it been really heaving with twitchers then? Must admit it could be a real nightmare if something totally mega turned up here, depending whereabouts on patch it was - there's more & more UK twitchers getting into the idea of twitching Ireland that thinsg could get pretty out of hand if a real rare yank showed up - on the other hand, its what we're all really hoping for at the same time! I guess I'll worry about it when (not if!) it happens!

  2. Well not totally hooching with folks but a steady turn-over. I gather there were a fair few earlier in the week when I was up in Sutherland but then, this last weekend, maybe 30 on Saturday evening and just a handful Sunday evening (when the scoter showed its best).

    No problems with this bird with flushing/disturbance and I am not aware of any problems caused by folks parking at and crossing the golf course. The only problem is visitors bloody finding (claiming) birds I don't see!!!!

  3. Aye, the old self-perpetuating hotspot theory ain't so good when it ain't you doing the perpetuating! I missed golden oriole on patch found by folks watching my black-headed bunting - where's the justice in that?