Friday 10 June 2011

Banking on it

Sand martin on Tuesday evening was an astonishing patch tick. Astonishing because it could be considered overdue, but then again there is no suitable breeding areas on the patch, and they don't stray for from nests to forage.

I'd rather have been in Hartlepool though. Who went from Aberdeen?


  1. i didn't go from cork (yet!) still there today tho apparently. I'd say no-one from the deen has been. except perhaps scholsey, tho i tink he's still at sea - shame!

  2. Almost went yesterday pm, but the bird disappeared (back today). I may as well tick it in Uzbekistan though for all the good it would do to the only list that counts.

    Our IT system prevents me from signing in to post comments. V. poor

    Da Procs

  3. you on yer way now so? fill yer boots mate - only £2 for a view from the ladders apparently - well worth it!