Sunday, 5 June 2011

puffin at last

A very quiet spell with no patch ticks for a couple of weeks forced me to do a bit of sea-watching. Usually a complete and utter waste of time but a trio of patch birds in the form Arctic skua, Manxie and at long last ... puffin. A little tern would be nice so I'll keep going.

Good news is that the my tally now moves up to a whopping 65.61%. Ahead of Reg...

Happy days



  1. I don't see how your total is 65.61% when it is showing 62.46% - it ain't 65.61% until you update the panel on the right. Puffin or no puffin!

  2. Bushy has a few issues accessing the Blogger control panel so he can't actually change his scores for some reason. It might be a Mac issue? no idea. Anyhoo, i usually change it for him cos he voted for me in the FIFA elections

  3. Well, Seppy's obviously going soft. Wait until you get close to his percentage then you'll see how often he updates your scores for you!